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The Village Connection
The Village Connection

"PURE IMAGINATION is pure enjoyment! April 30th is the due date for this new Cd and we all look forward to hearing it!"

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cover of Performing Songwriter magazine
Performing Songwriter Vol. 1 Issue 2

"Kreger possesses Bonnie Raitt's infectious and soaring vocal style, but her tone is smoother and purer with less vibrato. She plays superbly, plus composes for 17 instruments such that, for every genre, the backing fills the spaces tastefully and appropriately."

cover of Accoustic Live! magazine
Acoustic Live! Vol. 2 Issue 2

"There are those people who are gifted and who have logged in hours and hours of practice and playing. As soon as one of them touches a guitar string, and opens their mouth to form one sung note, we recognize them instantly for what they are: professionals. Cathy Kreger is one of them."