Cathy’s songwriting collaboration with Steve Taub is now a music video to promote an independent documentary, Impressarios and Visionaries.

Impresarios and Visionaries

"Impresarios and Visionaries" is an in-production documentary celebrating the connection between Presenter, Audience and Artist.

Our featured storyline shall be about Vic Skolnick and Michael Rothbard respective founders of Cinema Arts Centre and Inter-Media Arts Center. These two beloved community members devoted their time to enriching our lives.

Understanding their passion for sharing Arts that are nutritional to the mind and soul is a reflection of who we the patrons are. The presenter as conduit is the place where audience and artist meet.

Arts done with integrity is humanity at it's best and purest. It's reaching, furthering, gathering and imagining. It is love.

We are asking you to participate in getting our film completed. Visit our website below for details :

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If you have knowledge of or access to archival materials of any sort regarding Cinema Arts and Inter-Media Arts Center.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, please contact me.

Production - Huntington Roots Films and Steven Taub Productions


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