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pure imagination

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"There are those people who are gifted and who have logged in hours and hours of practice and playing. As soon as one of them touches a guitar string, and opens their mouth to form one sung note, we recognize them instantly for what they are: professionals Cathy Kreger is one of them."
- Acoustic Live and Beyond Magazine NYC

"PURE IMAGINATION is Pure enjoyment!" -The Village Connection, LI


  • Cathy Kreger – lead vocals
  • John Tabacco – programming, special effects, organs, background vocals, acoustic guitar,
  • Don Celenza – electric guitar
  • Mike Nugent – electric guitar
  • Ken Talve – electric guitar
  • Vicki Genfan – acoustic guitars
  • Jim Dexter – acoustic guitar, bkgd vocals
  • Paul Michael Barkan – mandolin
  • Mike Frost – electric bass
  • Neville L’Green – electric bass
  • Gian DiMauro – programming, bkgd vocals
  • Chris Elsener Jr. – electric bass
  • Mark Mancini – keyboards
  • Occabat Nhoj – Trumpet
  • Cliff Hackford – drums
  • Jamie Betty – drums

Recorded at President Streets Studio, Suburban Hermit Studio, Jupiter Moon Studios, Melts In Your Ears Studio and Berkner Hall, Brookhaven, NY

Mastered by SA3 Technology

"Soaring" Performing Songwriter Vol. 1 Issue 2
"Gifted...professional" Acoustic Live! Vol. 2 Issue 2
Heart of the Matter (1996) ♥ CD Cover Art
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  1. ♥ He’s Gone (Cathy Kreger)
  2. Love’s Easy Chair (Cathy Kreger)
  3. Little Star (Cathy Kreger)
  4. Hold Me Tight (Let Me Go) (Russell Javors)
  5. Nature of the Business (Cathy Kreger)
  6. The Wine (Cathy Kreger)
  7. Don’t Get Me Wrong (Chrissie Hynde)
  8. ♥ She’s No Maria (Cathy Kreger)
  9. She Caught the Katy (Taj Mahal & Yank Rachel)
  10. ♥ Pits ’n’ Cherries (Cathy Kreger, Kathy Kavanagh, Betsy Weingart)
  11. Fields of Red (Cathy Kreger & Jim Allen)
  12. Can’t Catch Me (Cathy Kreger)
Sound clips are Copyright © 1996 Cathy Kreger. These sound clips may not be uploaded or otherwise redistributed without written permission.
Live at The Blue Angel Café (1991) CD Cover Art
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  1. Inside (Cathy Kreger)
  2. He's Gone (Cathy Kreger, James Allyn, & Nancy Atkinson)
  3. She's No Maria (Cathy Kreger)
  4. Key To My Kingdom (M. Davis, J. Josea, & C. Baum)
  5. Everybody's Crying Mercy (Mose Allison)
  6. Tiny Yellow Basket (Cathy Kreger & Nate Simmons)
  7. And I Love You So (Don McLean)
  8. Walk Across California (Cathy Kreger)
  9. The Nature of the Business (Cathy Kreger)
  10. Tell Me What I Did Wrong (James Brown)
  11. Hang On (Cathy Kreger)
  12. Makin' Honey (Cathy Kreger)
  13. Under the Boardwalk (A. Resnick & K. Young)
  14. News From the North Country (Cathy Kreger)
Grand Central Waltz (1989) CD Cover Art
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  1. Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood)
  2. Makin Me Crazy (Cathy Kreger, James Allyn, & Nancy Atkinson)
  3. Carolyn (Cathy Kreger)
  4. Grand Central Waltz (Cathy Kreger & Ric Gerics)
  5. Beat Time (Ric Gerics)
  6. Out Of My Reach (Jon Truelson)
  7. Don't Touch Me (Cathy Kreger)
  8. I'm Alright (Cathy Kreger & Bill Berlinghoff)
  9. Rachael (Cathy Kreger & Bill Berlinghoff)
  10. The Crow and the Strawman (John Small)

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