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cathy kreger

Cathy Kreger

Singer, songwriter, guitarist - has been performing for more than 18 years. Her musical style is a unique combination of adult contemporary and old blues, with an alternative folk flair. Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul and Mary) once said "No doubt about it. She has a great voice and really has her act together." She has acquired a devoted fan base throughout the Northeast, especially in Connecticut, New York, and Long Island, where a thriving music scene exists.

From the time she was a girl, Cathy has had the continuous inspiration of her musical parents, who toured the East Coast coffeehouses and summer camps as folksingers. A single experience, which moved her to sing at age 5, came from the feeling she had when listening to Cat Steven's "Peace Train." She realized even then that there was an opportunity for her to provide the safe place that comes from reaching inside yourself and exposing your own emotions, giving people the ability to experience theirs. This was the power she found in herself when she heard that song for the first time, the power that still drives her today. "When I'm at a show," she says, "I like to be stretched like a rubber band, to laugh, to cry, to be entertained. That's what I try to do on stage. If you're interested in feeling your emotions, you’ll want to be at my show."

Professional Highlights
  • Cathy opened for David Bromberg at the IMAC. Bromberg told us that Cathy had really accomplished something that night by winning over his fans.
  • Cathy opened for G.E. Smith at Stephen's Talkhouse
  • Cathy recorded with the Last Hombres and Levon Helm
  • Cathy opened for Janis Ian at the Huntington Summer Arts Festival. One of the things Janis said backstage to Cathy was "It’s nice to hear a woman play like that!"
  • Cathy did an interview and a live performance on Christine Lavin’s show on WFUV-FM. Christine always asks her guests for their favorite breakfast recipe, and Cathy shared hers on the show. Click here to see what it is.
  • In the Newsday Night Beat Column's Long Island Music’s Best of 1996 wrap-up, Cathy was named best regional-only artist in the Best Folk Artist category. We thank columnist Robbie Woliver for selecting Cathy from among the many talented singer-songwriters in this area. The column appeared in the January 2, 1997 edition of Newsday.
  • Cathy performed with mandolin player Jim Allen at the Long Island Folk and Blues Holiday Revue presented at IMAC.
  • Cathy opened for Tuck & Patti at Five Towns College
  • Cathy opened for Patty Larkin at Bodle’s Opera House in Chester NY. Patty Larkin and Tuck & Patti on two consecutive days! Yesss!
  • Cathy appeared live on The Roy Abrams Show - WLIR (92.7 FM).
  • Cathy opened for Greg Brown (one of her favorite artists) at a benefit concert for WPKN Radio, Bridgeport CT.artwork by Gary Ivan
  • The NightBeat column in Newsday features an interview with Cathy. The article is on page 2 of the Part 2 section.
  • Cathy was invited to perform at the International Women's Day Conference at the United Nations.
  • Cathy appeared on the WLIW-TV Channel 21 program Metro Guide. The show featured a very nice interview with host Laura Savini.
  • Cathy opened for David Bromberg and the Band at Silver Cloud Bluegrass Festival. Cathy was also invited to perform with Vassar Clements.
  • Cathy opened for Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal at Silver Cloud Bluegrass Festival.
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